Digital D.I.Y. CAFe

D.I.Y. CAFE: Discovery In Your Cultural (living) Area For Everyone. D.I.Y. CAFe factsheet

Art In Your Own Home

Art In Your (Own) Home, for everyone who feels at home in art. Art In Your Own Home factsheet

Closing night DisABILITY Film Festival

Creating a warm and accessible environment, where different worlds meet, learn from each other and enjoy art which challenges the existing imaging of and prejudices about living with a disability. DisABILITY Film Festival factsheet

De//Colonize your mind

Critically explore the past and the present – decolonize start in the mind. De//Colonize your mind factsheet

De//Colonize Together

An inclusive literary event focused on decolonization and racism. De//Colonize together factsheet


Three students, one screening event and one online survey. This is DETECt! DETECt factsheet


Prefer faculty bars over theatre? At FAKtheater you don’t have to choose. FAKtheater factsheet

Feature the Future

New technologies like 3D printing and VR aren’t only super cool, they’re also useful for the humanities!​ Feature The Future factsheet

Generation A

Look: evoke: shake: flicker: Generation A had the kaleidoscopic 50s of Europe relived in Antwerp, January 2020. Generation A factsheet

In De Maak

Platform for new makers in the performing arts. In De Maak factsheet

Leive, vrigger en naa

An interactive MuPop-photo-exhibition about the Vaartkom in co-creation with older and younger inhabitants of this many faced area. Leive Vrigger en Naa factsheet

Leuven 2030

Over 200 voices for making Leuven more culturally inclusive and taking the city one step closer to become European Capital of Culture 2030. Leuven 2030 factsheet

Look What You Made Us Do

“Look What You Made Us Do” is an awareness campaign on the precarious lifestyle of artists. The aim of our campaign is to give visibility to the injustices artists are currently facing in their daily life in Belgium and all around the world. Look What You Made Us Do factsheet

Stories Beyond Borders

Together we read in between the borderlines of migration. Stories Beyond Borders factsheet

Transatlantic Modernisms

Transatlantic Modernisms: Art and Cultural Mediators between Belgium and Argentina, 1910-1958. Transatlantic Modernisms factsheet

Warm Alarm

Stop hitting the snooze button. The climate needs us now. Warm Alarm factsheet


Contribute to our culture. WITHCrowdLeuven factsheet