CENSORED: a podcast on the relation between art and power in Russia

Censorship for the benefit of “protecting the common good” has been commonplace in Russian art for some considerable time now. From Stalin’s dictatorship to the controlling rule of Cold War Soviet Union, up to this very day, censorship and restrictions in the arts are still very much alive.

Russia and therefore the USSR has had major influence on modern arts. Whether it has been

the outcome of the ideology or for serving the authority, censorship constitutes an everlasting presence in Russian art scene. The relation between artists and the officials is therefore complex one in every aspect.  

During the Soviet Union, Artists had clear guidelines on what is tolerable and what is prohibited. In today’s Russia by contrast, this correlation has become much more complex and is developing its own nuances that are not always so clear.

Besides, the burden of redacting has been put on the shoulders of the creators, which implied a shift that did not happen without a transition era, notably the 90’s. This period is marked by the collapse of the rigid ideology of the USSR which paved the way to freedom of expression.  But not so long after, this illusion of liberty collapsed as well. In that sense, the 90’s Russian art era is quite peculiar, where for a moment artists were able to create without having to worry about censorship.

The “CENSORED” podcast is an attempt to dive deeper into this phenomenon, in order to understand and to offer an uncensored description of what has been the role of censorship in Russia. It is an attempt to describe how exactly it has been impacting the creative process, whether it was for better or worse, and in that regard, shed some light on some preconceived opinions about these limiting yet nourishing circumstances.

Why are the officials so concerned about the culture? Who are these silenced voices and why have they been censored? To get the answer to these questions, we invite you to listen to the “CENSORED”, available on all common podcast platforms.

If these uncut words have grabbed your attention, why not go a step further? Come and join the organized event “The Sound of Culture” to meet the team, learn about the process, and ask any questions you have over some drinks. If not, still come for the drinks and the music and check out other projects of our friends.

Time: Saturday afternoon 1st of May 2021

Address: Thermotechnisch Instituut, kasteelpark arenberg 41, 3001 heverlee

Instagram: @censoredpod

Facebook: @censoredpod

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