International Symposium Inclusive Dance: Re-thinking bodies


International Symposium Inclusive Dance: Re-thinking bodies 19/20/21 October 2016

The contemporary dance department of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp/AP University College is organizing for the third time an International symposium on Inclusive Dance practices.

Experts, choreographers and performers within the field of inclusive dance practices, education and performing arts will collaborate with students in dance of the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Faculty of Arts & Humanities from Plymouth University. Dancers with different disabilities will join the student dance groups during an intensive program of 3 days: a program with workshops, lectures, debates and performances open for public.

The research project ‘LAB incl.’, initiated by cultural studies student Iris Bouche, stands for ‘LAB Inclusion Dance Platform’. Its aim is to create an inclusive and experimental learning environment that can be used for fundamental artistic research into dance as a means of communication and for the essence of creativity as the ability to solve problems.

By initiating research projects, inviting international practitioners and participating in European exchange programs, the dance department inspires a new, more open-minded generation of dancers and clears the way for the progression of inclusive dance practices in Flanders. Within the context of a University College, artistic and academic research reinforce each other and support the development of inclusive performing arts.

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