DigiLab: where the future is now

As students of the Faculty of Arts, we study literature, art, language, history, music, culture, ancient civilizations… Surely, we don’t need to know about all this fancy new technology, like 3D printing or VR, right? Wrong!

In the field, these modern technologies become more and more common. Cultural institutions such as museums and archives, universities and performing arts companies use 3D technology, digitization tools and many other forms of modern technology. So we, as students, have to keep up! Knowing about what is available and what is happening in technology right now is also important for us.

To help students of Arts and Humanities, Agora Learning Centre has created DigiLab, a space where you can familiarize yourself with 3D printing and scanning, AR and VR. You can get help with a project if you want to try something new, or just play around by printing your very own tiny desktop figurine, for example.

ImageLogoTo learn even more about technology and what it can mean in the field of Arts and Humanities, a group of students from the Master of Cultural Studies have developed Feature the Future – an event for all students that want to learn about the possibilities of technology.

During the event, you will be able to have a look at the 3D printer in action and play with some of the fun stuff at DigiLab. With Art Plunge, for example, you can step into a painting through VR and see what it’s like to be inside it. And maybe you’ve sometimes dreamed about making your drawings come to life? With the augmented creativity app we’re exhibiting that’s also possible! Careful, the song of that app will be stuck in your head for the rest of the week…

But we’ll also show you some more serious pieces. Several museums have digitized their collection by 3D scanning their objects, and those are available on platforms like Sketchfab. You can have a very close look at some of the most famous sculptures such as Degas’ Dancer or The Thinker. BBC has also developed an app to interact with heritage pieces that you can get a closer look at.

Even more fun tech applications in the Arts and Humanities can be found on the Facebook page of the event, where we post about many of the cool and exciting new things that have caught our eye.

If you want to know more about all of this, or if you just happen to be hungry on March 3rd between 3pm and 6pm somewhere near Agora, definitely come check DigiLab out in room Zurich. Who knows what inspiring new things you might find!