Go Beyond the Label: DisABILITY Film Festival

In spite of the ever-evolving wokeness culture, ‘disability’ and disability representation in media remains  a conversation we have yet to have. From stereotypes to ‘inspirational’ movies about disability, and the lack of representation of people with disabilities in filmmaking leads to them being excluded.

If you are also pondering on these issues and want a place to share them we have the event for you!

As students of KU Leuven, we are inviting you to the DisABILITY Film Festival.

Leuven DisABILITY Film Festival is an annual film festival that highlights disability, features movies around the world within a variety of genres, with the aim to open up conversations around disability.

Not only is there a film festival but this year, despite the crisis of coronavirus, the festival will hold two events (in safe conditions of course). Go Beyond the Label, which will be on the 16th of April, is an online panel discussion that features guest speakers (who will be revealed soon!). The panel discussion aims to address the common concerns of people with disabilities for the improvement of the conditions.

This year the festival is centred around the theme “Yes we cam – wij filmen ook”, which emphasizes the use of film as a tool for people with disabilities to express themselves. The disability film festival, which will be held on 3- 8 May, will allow viewers to watch a variety of movies. The festival not only includes the screening of movies but also discussions, lectures and a musical performance. The viewers can also participate in the discussions after each movie to debate about social-cultural issues around disability.

The panel discussion will be carried out in Dutch and the festival will be both in English and Dutch. If this event sounds like something you’d like to attend, you can register soon via a link, and we’ll save you a seat, no charges!

More info:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/disABILITY-Film-Festival-306923876815154

The Website: https://www.disabilityfilmfestival.be/

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