WARM ALARM: join the Climate Week on TikTok!

The Climate Week is back! This year, the week shouts “Warm Alarm: Stop hitting the snooze button”! The week entails a lot of different activities and projects, including ours. This one gives you the opportunity to be part of it too!

From the start of this project, the aim was always to engage the audience and let them raise their voices. With the current situation, a letter-writing campaign would have been too risky to organise.

However, the underlying spirit of such a campaign needed to be preserved. But how can people organise themselves, if they are not allowed to meet in person? How can a community be raised and heard? To answer these questions, a TikTok challenge was born!

When enough people rise up and shout out, they cannot be ignored! That was the spirit behind the Youth For Climate Marches, and that is the spirit this challenge carries on! Being launched right before the Climate Week begins, it opens the week and raises attention for the event. And most important of all: you can be part of an extremely important campaign, along with all other like-minded people!


The challenge launches on the 14th of April. That day, the exact content of the challenge will be posted by our partners-in-climate, such as Ketnet Wrapster Gloria Monserez. Then it is up to you! Grab your phone, open TikTok, and follow the hashtag #warmalarm and the profile @warm.alarm. Film your own version of the challenge and share!


All videos that are made will be collected under the favourites of the @warm.alarm page! This page will become the central place for the climate challenge. And you? You can film the challenge wherever you want! Share with friends, get them involved; the more the merrier!

Also, don’t forget to follow us on other social media pages! Follow us on Instagram at the page of 30CC, or find 30CC on Facebook.

See you there!

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