By Ana Schultze

ART@VSAC is an exhibition of artworks selected as a part of the seventh edition of the Visual Science of Art Conference (VSAC), which takes place in Leuven from 21 to 24 August 2019. It is divided over three locations – BAC Atelier, KADOC and the University Library – all venues whose history is closely linked to the university thus forming a peculiar blend of art with science. The artworks on display were invited or submitted to fit in with the conference which is targeted at scientists from several disciplines, interested in visual science and visual art, and also dedicated to encourage interchange between them.

Although the selected artworks all share similar traits, they are also diverse in many respects. The used media vary from paintings and photography, to video and film, installations, performance, as well as hybrid or mixed forms. The contributing artists are also in different stages in their career: they range from emerging to well-established. The common interest of the different artists in the fascination of how the eyes and brains of the beholders create the art experience, unites them and makes the collective ART@VSAC exhibition more than the sum of its parts.

The exhibition is open to the public as well, since the artists and scientists involved are eager to share their findings and also want to open up the scientific dialogue on visual art. One third of the human brain is dedicated to the processing of visual information and many of us get pleasure out of visual stimulation. The visual brain is full of opioids for a reason. So come and enjoy what you see at ART@VSAC! Open your eyes, look and walk around, and get your senses triggered, brains stimulated and hearts touched.

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