Be an actor of our culture: we want your tags!


Nowadays with social platforms we are used to comment on any kind of picture, sometimes with no other purpose than the comment itself. What if a comment could be used to contribute actively to our culture? This is the goal of WITHCrowd, which by promoting annotation campaigns is helping cultural heritage institutions improving the quality of the metadata of their collections.

WITHCrowdAnnotation sprint

In attempt to help WITHCrowd reach its goals before the end of the campaigns, a student team from KU Leuven’s Master of Cultural Studies came up with the idea of an annotation sprint. The idea is to complete the currently active campaigns on WITHCrowd as much as possible (see below).

On February 19th the team members will welcome you from 13:00 to 17:00 in room 06.30 at the Eramushuis in the KU Leuven campus for the annotation sprint.

Guests are required to bring with them their personal laptop. However if it’s necessary, four additional laptops will be at your disposal. There will also be a catering service with snacks and drinks.

Active campaigns on WITHCrowd:

– Style & Design Campaign: Pompadours, kitten heels, head scarfs and horn rimmed glasses: the fabulous fifties are back (from never really having been gone)…! Seven decades on, the 1950s remain an iconic decade when it comes to design. Explore inspiring outfits, characteristic architecture and stylish interiors, describe what you see and help others find their way to these Europeana collections.

– Transport & Travel Campaign: The 1950s mark the start of the golden age of mass tourism. As the first jet airplanes brought transcontinental traveling within reach, car constructors launched some of their most iconic models, while vespas, motorcycles and even motorized three wheelers provided the ultimate freedom to the more adventurous globetrotter. Browse these sets of Europeana images and label what you see – your tags will help guide vintage photography to our 1950s gems!

– Film & Theatre Campaign: Western, fantasy, comedy, animation, melodrama: the 1950s boasted a plethora of filmic genres, ranging from Disney to Kurosawa and from old-school vaudeville to cutting-edge science fiction. While an increased use of color aimed at whisking away the audience from their television screens, many icons of the film industry – think James Dean and Marlon Brando – started their career in this era. This picture collection goes out to today’s enthusiasts of the big screen and the small stage, and celebrates the fifties’ writers, crews and performers that have contributed in their own unique way to mid-century cultural heritage.

– All the ladies Campaign: The 1950s are often viewed as an age of conformity in which gender roles were clearly defined and uncritically adhered to. But beneath the surface, discontent with the status quo was growing. Having been part of the working force during the war, not all women were eager to return to being a housewife. This set of photographs features women in many different roles and guises, from glamour queen to business woman, and from homemaker to heartbreaker.

Sally Cauwelier, Héloïse Depluvrez, Pepijn Geeraerts, Vincent Leenaerts, Vic Temmerman 

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