Digital D.I.Y. CAFe

According to annual tradition, the cultural policy event of the Cultural Studies program takes place towards the end of the academic year. This year the event is called D.I.Y CAFe and is organized by us: Cathelijne Jennes, Lan Jacobs, Laure Verstreken and Rani De Leener. The name stands for Do It Yourself Cultural Arts Fair event.

In normal circumstances the event would have taken place at STUK in Leuven on April 2nd. On this day the organizers would have provided a fair with multiple stands where the different groups could present their projects to the visitors. This would have happened within a cozy and homely atmosphere with appropriate lighting, plants, seats and of course a bar and buffet. The master students themselves would’ve provided the food for the buffet. Entertainment-wise, a screen printing workshop and a live concert of a band from Leuven, Arrandt, would have made this day complete.  

However, the corona crisis forced everyone in quarantine. As an alternative, the D.I.Y CAFe-team will present its online fair on May 25th. The Master’s students of Cultural Studies are busy creating fun digital presentations to explain the projects they have been working on for the past few months. Some of them will also talk about their experience during the organization of their own project or about the work process. This way, the online presentations will hopefully bring the same vibe of the original event into a digital space.

The name of the event is then easily explained. We named our project a CAFe, because we wanted to create the same vibe as a living room or a cafe where students of our age spend their spare time. Now, not only students can experience this living room style. With the digital CAFe everybody can learn about culture in the relaxed setting of their own living room. ​Moreover, we wanted to enhance the fact that the students started from scratch and finished with a complete cultural project. That is why we called our cafe, a D.I.Y CAFe

Our fellow students have put together some creative and original presentations of their projects. These projects varied from an exhibition to a video dialogue.

With this alternative version of the event, the D.I.Y CAFe team wants to reach everyone who is interested in the cultural field. Mark May 25th in your agenda and come over to have a look! We invite you to take a look at the interesting cultural projects of the students!